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  • Leaking Shower

  • Tile repair

    • Tile replacement

    • Cracked tile repair​​

    • Tile polishing

    • Tile seal coating for protection   

  • Tile & Grout Maintenance

    • Tile re grouting

    • Tile & grout seal coating

  • Re seal shower

  • Shower screen seal coating

  • Bath repair/polishing

  • Vanity benchtop repairs

  • Leaking balcony    ​​

Leaking showers

A leak from a shower area can appear in many different locations including to the level below, through the walls to the surrounding areas and at the entrance to the bathroom. If you are dealing with a leak there is excessive amounts of water penetrating under the tiled surface which tracks to the weakest point of resistance hence the leak. Its a good thing we specialise in leaking shower repairs Canberra and Riverina wide. The repair process can vary depending on the type and condition of the tiles however as a general summary, if we are dealing with a solid and movement free structure 

  • Is the carpet musty or wet around the shower after using the shower

  • Grout and silicone in the shower mouldy

  • Swollen door frames and skirting boards 

  • Paint starting to blister and bubble near the shower

  • Cracked grout or missing grout in the tile joints. 


Tile Repair

For a number of years we have been doing tile repairs for Builders and Residential homes that have tiles that may have been cracked, scratched or have been faded over time. We can do a number of things on how to repair your tiles to make it new again.

  • We can do Tile Replacement where if you have a spare tile we can be able to take out the damaged tile and install the new spare tile.  

  • Epoxy tile repair - we can do this if you do not have a spare tile where we put a strong adhesive glue into the crack and then after it has dried then we spray on a paint to color match the tile

  • Tile polishing - If your tile is faded and you can;t clean it off, we can perform a tile polish that will buffer out the fades and brighten the tile back to its original look. 


Tile & Grout Maintenance 

If you are experiencing in your shower

  • Mouldy grout

  • Mouldy seals around the shower

  • Missing grout in shower

  • Cracked grout or cracked tiles in the shower area

  • Grout and tiles starting to fade or discolor over time. 

BMP group offers a wide range of solutions to fix these issues, BMP can be able to perform a re grouting and re seal service where we take ​the existing grout out and existing seals out of the shower and replace it with a premium BMP grout and seals that would last longer and more durable that is also water proof. 

If you are concerned about your tiles and grout that will change color or become more mouldy even when cleaning it on a regular basis, BMP can over a tile and grout seal coating when we use a premium seal coating that goes over the tiles and grout to help protect it more and last longer. 

Re Seal Showers 

If your shower or shower screen has mold around the seals or is missing then we can offer a BMP re seal where we relace the existing seals with a new premium BMP seal that last longer and is waterproof helping your shower be waterproof and last longer. 

Shower Screen Seals

BMP shower screen seals protect your shower screen from getting mouldy or rusty or getting  a faded color. This way your shower screen will be more durable and have more protection, it will also offer to be easy to clean then before. 

Bath Repair

Is your bath

  • have scratches in it

  • it is cracked

  • has a hole or dent into it

  • has faded in color

BMP can over to do a bath repair depending on the job, BMP can do a acrylic enamel repair work to the bath if it has a crack or dent in it​. 

We can also polish the bath if it is faded or scratched. 


Vanity Bench top Repair

is your vanity

  • Has a crack in it

  • Has a hole or dent in it

  • Has faded in color

  • Have scratches in it

BMP can over to do a vanity repair depending on the job, BMP can do a acrylic enamel repair work to the bath if it has a crack or dent in it​. 

We can also polish the vanity if it is faded or scratched. 


Leaking Balcony 

Is your balcony

  • Cracking grout lines

  • Missing grout lines between the tiles

  • Tiles cracking

  • Tiles drummy or loose

  • Paint starting to blister or bubble around the balcony area. 

BMP can offer ​to service the leaking balcony depending on the state of the balcony, we would need to inspect it and then determine what the best result would be to do. 


Our story

BMP Group is a locally owned and operated business. We have 30 years’ experience servicing commercial and domestic customers in Canberra, Wagga Wagga, the Riverina and surrounding areas.


We can provide a range of services and products to restore and enhance your bathroom.


Transform your damaged or out of date bath, spa, basin, tiles or shower back.

Save the money, time and mess that comes with plumbing and tiling.

The smart option regardless if you want to sell or stay.

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